NPO Hayama Yacht Club

NPO Hayama Yacht Club Yachting by the Japanese was originated from our Harbor in this country. NPO Hayama Yacht Club has its base at the Port of Hayama(Abuzuri) in Hayama, Kanagawa-ken, Japan where is said the sailboating as a pleasure boat first started. The object of the Club is to promote the activities of yacht lovers and to contribute to the local society. Our Club was registered as a Non-Profit Making Organization under the authority of the Governor of Kanagawa-Ken and has the club room in the Port Office Building.

The Scenery of Hayama

The Scenery of Hayama

The major activities;

1.Securing the Safety of Yachts and Boats
2.Holding Races and Support
3.Offering opportunities of enjoying sailing experience to the local citizens and educating maritime safety.
4.Orderly use of the port and promotion of keeping the scenery of the port

Formal Name: Non-Profit Making Organization Hayama Yacht Club
Short Name: NPO Hayama Yacht Club
Registered in 2006
Address: Horiuchi 50, Hayama-machi, Miura-gun, Kanagawa-ken, Japan
Members: 290(Formal members), 42(Supporting members)

Commander: Nobuteru ISHIHARA
Chief Executive Officer:Yasuto MANO


Abuzuri(Port of Hayama): Zushi-station, Yokosuka Line(JR) or Shin-Zushi station of the Keihin-Kyuko Line, take Keikyu-Bus (No. 11 or 12, “kaigan-mawari"), get off at Abuzuri-busstop.

Time Table of Keikyu-Bus:Bus Time Table
Map of Port Hayama(Abuzuri-ko):google MAPPlease send your questions, if any to